Why Do Golf Balls Slice?


A golf ball that slice is a frustrating experience for any golfer. It can be difficult to predict when it will happen, and even more frustrating to hit a poor shot when it does. So, Why do golf balls slice? Golf balls slice due to the way the clubface hits the ball at impact. If the … Read more

Why Do Golf Shoes Have Spikes?


Golf shoes are designed to provide the right amount of traction for your swing. The spike is a small metal protrusion that comes out of the bottom of golf shoes. There are two types of spikes, plastic, and metal. Plastic is more popular because it breaks less frequently than metal. Spikes help you grip the ground more … Read more

Why Do Golf Balls Have Numbers On Them?


Golf balls are typically white with a dimple pattern on the outside. However, some golf balls have numbers printed on them. So why do golf balls have numbers? Only one ball can be used during an official golf game. This allows each player to use their own ball and avoid confusion about who hit which ball … Read more

Why Do Golf Caddies Wear White Jumpsuits?


Golf is a gentleman’s game, you can’t deny it. There are always some rules on what a golfer can wear or can not. But the oldest question in the game: Why do golf caddies wear white jumpsuits? Well, it’s not just a fashion statement. There are some practical reasons for wearing such a getup even though it must be incredibly hot … Read more

Why Do Golf Cart Batteries Need Water?


Do golf cart batteries need water? The answer is yes. SLA batteries are filled with sulfuric acid, which reacts as the battery discharges electricity and converts some of it to hydrogen gas. This gas escapes through the battery’s vent system and is released into the air. As it discharges, its electrolytes absorb water to keep … Read more

Why Do Golf Clubs Have Covers?


Club covers are a useful tool for golfers. They give you extra storage, and they keep your clubs safe from moisture and damage. They can also help you organize your sets of clubs and will let other players know that someone is using the club. This makes it easier for players to find the right … Read more

Why Do Golf Club Heads Break Off?


Golf club heads don’t last forever. You may be lucky enough to get twenty years of use out of a club or you may find that you’ve got to replace them after just five years. There are several reasons why golf club heads come loose, fall off, or even break. Why do golf club heads … Read more

Is A Golf Bag Necessary?


You have your clubs and you’re ready to go. But is there anything else you need? The answer, for many of us, is yes – a golf bag! These handy items help keep your equipment together and make it easier to transport. If you’ve ever wondered why some people prefer them over carts or other … Read more

How Many Clubs In A Golf Bag?


During my first trip to the golf course, I had no idea what clubs belonged in a golf bag. I knew that I needed something to hit the ball with, but the rest was a mystery. Here are some common questions about how many clubs belong in a golf bag for both beginners and experts. … Read more

Is It Better To Push Or Carry Golf Bag?

Choosing between carrying your golf bag and pushing it might seem like a trivial decision, but it can be a bit more complicated than it seems. Before we begin to examine the pros and cons of each method, let’s look at how the two approaches differ. In most cases, there are two ways to carry … Read more