What is a birdie in golf?


A “birdie” is a golf term used to describe a score of one stroke under par on a given hole. For example, if a hole has a par of 4, a golfer who scores a 3 on that hole would be said to have made a birdie. The term is significant in golf because it … Read more

Do you wear a golf glove when putting?


Wearing a golf glove while putting is a topic that has been widely debated among golfers. Some swear by the improved grip and control it provides, while others argue that it reduces feel and sensitivity. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of wearing a golf glove when putting and provide … Read more

Can You Chip On The Green?


Chipping on the green is a great way to practice your short game. It’s also encouraged because the grass is short, so you don’t have to worry about hitting a bad lie. However, there are some things that you should know before you get started chipping on the green. Can you Chip on the green? … Read more

Can You Play Top Golf in the Rain?


Topgolf is an exciting way to play golf, and it’s perfect for people who want to get out and enjoy the weather. But what happens if it rains at your local Topgolf location? Does playing golf in the rain still count as “playing”? The answer depends on whether or not lightning strikes in the area … Read more

Why are golf carts so expensive?


Golf carts are one of the most expensive items on any golf course. They’re used by players and staff to get around, and they can be very expensive to purchase, repair, maintain and use. There are many factors that contribute to the cost of golf cars—ranging from how much it costs for them to be … Read more

What Size Golf Clubs Do I Need?


A lot of people are interested in golf, but they have no idea what size clubs they need. The good news is that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your golf club set. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you make the right choice for your game … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Regrip Golf Clubs?


Re-gripping your golf clubs is a great way to keep them in good condition. If you’re not sure whether or not your clubs need regripping, there are some signs that can help you determine if it’s time for a new set of grips. How Long Does It Take To Regrip Golf Clubs? Time Professionals 3 to … Read more

How Much To Regrip Golf Clubs?


If you’re looking for ways to save money on golf clubs, regripping is one of the best options. You can get great grips for as little as $35 and it takes just a few minutes to do the job yourself. However, if you don’t have time or experience with this process then there are many companies that … Read more

What Is A Staked Tree In Golf?


Staking a tree is a common practice among golf courses and parks. The stakes are removed as the tree grows taller and stronger, but they’re put back into place when the tree becomes too tall or weak. In most cases, relief from staked trees can be taken without penalty, but that’s not always the case! If … Read more