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Glossary Of Golf Terms


Aim: The way the clubhead points in relation to the target.

Albatross: Scoring 3-under par on any hole (i.e. 1 on a par-4 or a 2 on a par-5).

Alignment: The position of the body in relation to the target.

Approach: A shot hit towards a green, can either be on a par-3, par-4 or par-5.

Axis Tilt: The degree to which the upper body bends away from the lower at set up and impact.


Backswing: The movement of  the golf club away from the ball to the top position of the swing.

Backspin: When a golf ball hits the green and then spins back in the direction it came from.

Birdie: Scoring 1-under par on any hole (i.e. 2 on a par-3, 3 on par-4, 4 on a par 5).

Bladed: A golf shot that hits the bottom front part of the club resulting in a low fast ball flight.

Blocked: A golf shot that starts right and continues to go in that direct (right handed golfer).

Bogey: Scoring 1-over par on any hole (i.e. 4 on a par-3, 5 on a par-4, 6 on a par-5).

Bowed: The position of the wrists are bent inwards at the top of the golf swing.

Break: The slope of the greens and the direction the golf ball is likely to take.

Bump and Run: Chipping the golf ball low around the greens and getting it to run quickly.

Bunker: A sand filled hole bordering a green or fairway designed as an obstacle.


Carry: The distance a golf ball has to fly to reach a target such as a green or over a hazard.

Casting: Is when the wrist un-cock too quickly in the downswing resulting in a loss of angle.


Divot: The piece of dirt and grass removed from the ground when a golfer hits the ball.

Double-Bogey: A score of 2-over par for a hole (i.e. 5 on a par-3, 6 on a par-4, 7 on a par-5).


Eagle: A score of 2-under par for a hole (i.e. 1 on a par-3, 2 on a par-4, 3 on a par-5).

Early Extension: The buttocks move closer to the ball in the downswing than from set up.


Fade: When the golf ball travels in a slight left to right direct for a right handed golfer.

Fat Shot: When a golfer hits too much into the ground before the ball produces a large divot.


Grain: The direction the grass grows on the green which impacts the direction the ball rolls.

Grip: The way the hands hold the golf club such as interlocking and overlapping.

Heel Shot: A golf shot struck on the part of the golf club closest to the shaft.

Hook Shot: When the golf ball travels from right to left in the air for a right handed golfer.


Impact: The moment the clubhead strikes the golf ball before travelling into the air.

Inside To Out: A swing path when the clubhead hits the golf ball from inside the target line.


Jaws of hole: When a golfers makes a putt that hits dead centre of the hole.



Lag: The angle a golfer produces between the left arm and the shaft in the golf downswing.

Lie: The position a golf ball is sitting on the golf course such as fairway, bunker or the rough.


Mechanics: The ways the golf swing is produced for an individual golfer.

Mid-Iron: Referred to usually clubs around the 6-iron to 8-iron.



Open Clubface: The clubface points to the right of the target at set up or impact.

Outside To In: A swingpath when the clubhead hits the ball from outside the target line.


Pace: The speed at which the golf balls rolls on the green

Par: A score a golfer is expected to make on a hole (i.e. 3 on a par-3, 4 on a par-4, 5 on a par-5).



Release: The motion of the clubhead moving to hit the golf ball at impact in the downswing.

Reverse Pivot: A golfers weight shifts to the front leg inside of the rear leg in the backswing.


Shank: A shot that results from the golf ball hitting the hosel of the clubhead at impact.

Slice: A shot that starts left and curves back around to the right for a right handed golfer.


Takeaway: The motion of moving the golf club away from the target the first foot or so.

Toed Shot: A shot struck on the far face point of the club the away from the body


Uncock: The movement of straightening the wrists in the golf swing

Upright: Refers to a golfer that stands too tall in the golf swing


Visualization: The act of seeing in your mind the golf shot before you’ve actually hit it. 


Wedge Shot: A golf shot hit with a high lofted club such as a pitching wedge or sand wedge.

Whiff: When a golfer completely missing the ball and has to try again.



Yips: A condition associated with putting when a golfer get nervous and performs a jerky stroke.