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FREE 5 Day Golf Swing Challenge

5 Day Golf Swing ChallengeWhy the challenge?

I started the 5 Day Golf Swing Challenge after seeing thousands of golfers make these same mistakes every weekend.

Why 5?

For me the golf swing is made up of 5 parts.

The takeaway, the backswing, the downswing, impact position and the follow through.

Let me go through each one of these and explain why it’s so important to fix.

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Golf swing takeaway

The golf swing takeaway starts the golf swing and has a huge influence on the make up of the whole golf swing.

It’s why it’s so important.

Those first few inches you move the golf club are crucial and you need to get it right.

I give you a simple drill and checkpoint to follow to ensure your takeaway get’s started right giving you every chance of performing a great golf swing.

Golf backswing

Like the takeaway it’s vital you get into the right position during the backswing and end up in a good spot right at the top.

Where your arms and shoulders have moved to can make or break your golf swing.

Get this right and it makes the rest of the golf swing so much easier.

Get it wrong and you’re going to have to perform compensations to make up for the poor position you started in.

Golf downswing

The downswing in my opinion is the most important part of the golf swing.

Quite a few professional golfers have achieved great careers despite having poor takeaways and backswings, but because of a great downswing in their golf swings have become brilliant ball strikers.

When it all boils down to it, a great downswing position that leads to a perfect golf impact position will result in years of fantastic golf.

The downswing is not something you can skip, it’s a must if you want to make any improvement in your golf game.

Impact position

If you’ve done all the other parts of the golf swing right there’s a good chance you should be able to get a great impact position.

However, there’s still some things that can go wrong.

A great golf impact position is what all top professional golfers do ever time they make contact with the ball.

If you can get into the right golf impact position as shown in the video, your ball striking and golf scores will improve immensely.

Follow through

If you’ve done the first 4 parts of the golf swing correctly, a good follow through should happen.

However, it’s important to understand that you need to get into a certain position to ensure you have done everything right.

The key is to get into this final position and you are well on your way to better golf.

Having a great golf swing follow through is the final step to getting your perfect golf swing.

Start the 5 day golf swing challenge

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Make the commitment to fix your golf swing and start dropping shots off your handicap and scores.

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